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We offer organic as well as conventional products.

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Food industry: Protein flours and vegan protein powders are more popular than ever before! Whether as protein powder for baking or starch for food. Our organic raw materials are used in bread baking mixes, cakes, shakes, muesli and soups. Also marinades, vegan burgers as well as meat and sausage products.

Nutritional supplements and sports nutrition: Whether as vegan weight gainers for athletes or for the production of protein shakes and protein drinks for targeted muscle building: Our herbal raw materials offer you the best basis for your production of superfoods and nutritional supplements for athletes.

Cosmetics and non-food: The protein and starch concentrates are also ideal for use in cosmetics and technical products.

Plant flours

We have a wide range of plant flours on offer:

Chickpea flour is a valuable supplement and a tasty alternative to common flour. The delicate yellow chickpea flour has a nutty, sweet taste. Can be used to make falafel and hummus, pancakes, meatballs, dips and desserts. It is also suitable for thickening sauces and soups.

Pea flour made from peeled yellow peas, of natural yellow colour. It can be included as a valuable supplement in many existing recipes. Pea flour is ideal for soups, burgers, pizza dough, pasta dough or bread dough.

Pumpkin seed flour is partially oiled, gluten-free and vegan. Obtained from green pumpkin seeds with high fibre content and high protein content, nutty in taste. Ideal for baking bread, pastries and cakes. Up to max. 30 % can be replaced by pumpkin seed flour. Also very suitable as breadcrumbs.

Sunflower seed flour is gluten-free, vegan and partially oiled. It has a nutty taste and a high protein content. It is a valuable supplement and a tasty alternative to cereal flours. Ideal for baking breads, biscuits and waffles. Also very suitable for spreads, for binding or for the production of pasta products.

Hemp flour is gluten-free and vegan and nutty in taste. It is very rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and fibre. Due to its residual oil content, it is also a supplier of valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Ideal for baking (up to 10-15% of cereal flour can be replaced), muesli, soups, sauces and desserts. Also very suitable for setting, smoothies and shakes as well as for athletes for protein supply.

Starch / fibres / dietary fibres

Native starch in organic quality beyond the mainstream:

Dry milling of regional raw materials is our innovative process for obtaining starch concentrates. The original form preserves all valuable properties and the high quality: It remains a holistic vegan raw material. Many of our raw materials are also natural sources of protein. They also contain many other natural nutrients such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and selenium.

Within our product catalogue, we offer starch concentrates with a limited swelling rate and thus high stability against shear forces, acids, high temperatures and enzymes.
These are ideal for applications such as

  • Extrusion
  • Thickening agent
  • Dough and texture improvers for bakery products
  • Stabilizer
  • Binding and gelling agents
  • Coating system and consistency enhancer
  • Coating systems in confectionery
  • Marinades for fish and meat
  • Purées with adequate freeze-thaw stability and good heat resistance

In addition, they are of course vegan, hypoallergenic and gluten-free.

Our starch concentrates are in organic quality and in conventional quality, with German or European origin. All concentrates are also available in a debittered version, which is also produced without the use of chemicals.

We will be delighted to send you our product specifications!

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Vegetable flours

Coconut flour, pea flour, pumpkin chip flour, sunflower seed flour, chickpea flour, chia seed meal, oatmeal

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Protein flours

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Starch / fibers / fibers

Various pea fibers / pea starch

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Contract services

One of the main strengths of Viridi Foods is our expertise in milling processes and fine milling techniques. The particle sizes of our products are between 40 and 120 μm. We can customize the fine milling just for you and your products, including quinoa pulses, amaranth, buckwheat, and many others.

This is how fine milling can help you formulate amazing products:

  • Improves the mouthfeel
  • Improves the texture
  • Improves the overall sensory attributes
  • Improves mixing behaviour
  • Improves solubility
  • Improves bioavailability of certain components

As an example, fine powder such as our pea starches and pea proteins are a great ally during production. The fine pea proteins and pea starches can solubilize and homogenise easily and mix with other components.

The next time that you plan to develop a product that needs a smooth and mild texture, keep us in mind. You will find a great alternative for your vegan, gluten-free, and healthy products. Either with the service as contract manufacturer, or organic or conventional proteins and starches, Viridi Foods is here to help. Contact us and discover more about our wide offer!

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With us you receive vegetable raw materials from our own production (100% Made in Germany) with EU organic seal. We supply vegan protein powders and starches as well as proteic plant flours of the highest quality. Not all organic products are the same. As a producer of organic raw materials, it is important for us to know and control the production chain from the farmer to the field. From the starch to the plant flour, with us you receive only the best raw materials with regional origin!

Our unique production process sets us apart from other companies and we achieve completely new quality standards for many products. We produce natural protein without chemicals. Viridi Foods is your European supplier of vegan raw materials.

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Viridi Foods GmbH


Trade and production of vegetable raw materials


Röntgenstraße 6, Alzenau


Founded in 2016

Managing Director

Robert Spiegel


Food, food supplements, sports nutrition, flavor industry, cosmetics, technical chemistry.