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Is your powdered product not smooth enough?
Fine milling helps to decrease undesirable “scratching” mouthfeel when consumed

The art of producing smooth products with great mouthfeel depends at some extent on the particle size of the components. The perception of food texture can make the difference between liking a product or not.

The attributes that compose food are sensed by the sense of touch and create a response. This is known as food texture. People associate texture with pleasure, hence the importance of choosing the right ingredients for delivering the right texture to the product.

Texture is one of the most important sensory attributes in food. At great extent, it is affected by particle size.

One of the main strengths of Viridi Foods is our expertise in milling processes and fine milling techniques. The particle sizes of our products are between 40 and 120 μm. We can customize the fine milling just for you and your products, including pulses, amaranth, buckwheat, and many others.

This is how fine milling can help you formulate amazing products:

  • Improves the mouthfeel
  • Improves the texture
  • Improves the overall sensory attributes
  • Improves mixing behaviour
  • Improves solubility
  • Improves bioavailability of certain components

The sensibility of the human tongue is so powerful, that can recognize slight differences in particle sizes. Each food category needs specific particle sizes to perform at its optimum. Every product type has its threshold to be perceived either as a smooth or granulose product. Besides, choosing the adequate particle size improves solubility and facilitates homogenization when mixed with other raw materials, factors that product developers and producers just love!

We all know the importance of flavour in a product. Viridi Foods produces debittered proteins and starches from plant sources to boost the flavour of the final products. However, a great flavour can be worthless as well as many other attributes if food texture is not well perceived. Particle size and fine milling can be the secret to meet flavour and texture expectations. Viridi Foods and our raw materials are your allay to develop healthy, vegan, gluten-free and delicious products.

Moreover our services as a contract manufacturer, Viridi Foods offers you a variety of vegan raw materials suitable for using them in products that require smooth textures. When formulating vegan products, it often requires the substitution of products that might affect the sensory properties of the final product. Some examples can include vegan chocolate, vegan ice creams, vegan shakes, vegan soups, vegan sauces or even vegan baked goods.

People and final consumers expect the texture of the products they know, and performing substitutions imply challenges most of the times.
Choosing a high-quality ingredient and an adequate particle size can help product developers to overcome these challenges. Viridi Foods offers vegetable proteins, starches or vegetable flours that benefits the products when using plant components.

Texture, however, is important not only for vegan products or products for special target groups but for all types of products. Viridi Foods offer the finest particle sizes to benefit the texture and mouthfeel of the products you develop. Every product and service from Viridi Foods is made with the highest quality and with the most exquisite German technology.

Products such as chocolate, ice cream, curds, spreads, protein shakes, baked goods and many products for sports nutrition need very fine components. These products require ingredients with a maximum of 55 μm. The components need fine milling to perceive the texture as smooth and sensory acceptable for consumers. Viridi Foods makes the task easier for you. Our offer includes products that are completely suitable for vegans, gluten intolerances, and many more. All these attributes, plus the fine milling makes our vegan raw materials an excellent option for your applications.

As an example, fine powder such as our pea starches and pea proteins are a great ally during production. The fine pea proteins and pea starches can solubilize and homogenise easily and mix with other components.

The next time that you plan to develop a product that needs a smooth and mild texture, keep us in mind. You will find a great alternative for your vegan, gluten-free, and healthy products. Either with the service as contract manufacturer, or organic or conventional proteins and starches, Viridi Foods is here to help. Contact us and discover more about our wide offer!

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