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Pea starch concentrate with approx. 60 % starch and 80 % Carbohydrates:
Pure mechanical processing – all valuable ingredients such as minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals are preserved
Fine particle size distribution D90 = 120 µm (i.e. 90 % particles are smaller than 120 µm)

Two flavour types:
Natural pea taste
De-bitterized product variant – Clean Taste
(The pea taste is only slightly present)

Applications and technological functions:
Dough improvement in baked goods such as bread, rolls, cakes – an alternative to wheat
Vegan and gluten free cookie flour
Vegan binder in fillings, custards, pudding or creams

Nutritional benefits and declaration:
Clean label
Gluten-free and low in allergens
Free of egg, soy, wheat, lactose, milk protein, GMO
Vegetable protein of high biological value (PDCAAS = 0,96)
Naturally contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium

Different qualities of origin:
Conventional products from German or European raw material
Organic quality with origin in Germany resp. EU

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