vegan vegetable flours

For a conscious protein rich diet: vegetable flours from VIRIDI FOODS.

Due to the change in the world’s general nutritional situation, animal products, which have so far been considered ecologically critical, will not be sufficient in the long term. Vegetable Flour from VIRIDI FOODS are an optimal source of vegetable protein as well as valuable minerals and fiber. Our flours made from peas, chickpeas and broad beans are gluten-free and available in organic grade.
Vegane Pflanzenburger aus glutenfreiem Mehl, Gries oder Schrot und hohem Proteingehalt können eine gesunde Alternative zu Fleischburgern sein.

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Pflanzenflips aus nachhaltigen bilogischen Pflanzenmehlen hergestellt.

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Flalafel aus veganem Pflanzenschrot oder Pflanzengries als proteinreicher Fleischersatz

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VIRIDI vegetable flours made from peas, chickpeas or broad beans.

A valuable supplement and delicious alternative to conventional flour.

Chickpea flour, flavor-debittered

The delicate yellow chickpea flour is nutty and sweetish in taste. Due to its thickening and gelling properties, the flour is suitable for various applications.

Countries of origin: Italy, Greece, France

Pea flour, flavor-debittered

Pea flour is made from the peeled yellow pea. The flavor-debittered, slightly sweet taste and light-yellow natural color add value to applications.

Countries of origin: Italy, Lithuania, Baltic States, Czech Republic

Broad bean flour, flavor-debittered

The broad bean is also known as field bean, horse bean, tick bean or fava. The flavor-debittered broad bean flour is bright white and also has thickening properties.

Countries of origin: Denmark, Germany


  • Falafel and Hummus
  • Pancakes
  • Naan
  • Meat substitutes for thickening
  • Dips
  • Mixed spices
  • Desserts
  • Thickening of gravy and soup
  • Gluten-free baked goods
  • Gelling agents
  • Thickening agents
  • Binding agents
  • Pasta
  • Fritters
  • Convenience products
  • Snacks and cereals
  • Extrusion
Mehl aus Ackerbohnen, proteinhaltig, vegan, glutenfrei, biologisch, organisch, nachhaltig, pflanzenbasiert

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Mehl aus Erbsen, Kichererbsen, proteinhaltig, vegan, glutenfrei, biologisch, organisch, nachhaltig, pflanzenbasiert

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Protein gewonnen aus Erbsen, Kichererbsen, Ackerbohnen, Hanf, Hafer

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